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Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc. goes with FreightSnap

Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc. began in 1989 to provide Southern California with premier integrated transportation and distribution solutions. Total is a provider of both truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL) freight services.

They lead the industry on the same day and next day delivery with efficiency and reliability. Total Transport’s warehouse and fulfillment center can store and take computerized inventory of clients’ products. They offer real-time information systems so that clients can access inventory and shipment tracking information online.

It was no wonder that Total Transport chose FreightSnap as their dimensioning technology provider. “It was an obvious choice, FreightSnap has been used by many carriers we do business with, and our in-house people had experience with the product,” said Brian Greer of Total Transport.

Total will utilize a similar technology integration strategy as many other carriers where the scan information taken on the dock will integrate directly with the CLI Transportation Management System. “We’ve worked with the CLI system on several integrations, it’s a great product, and we’re happy to be able to provide a solid integration pathway from FreightSnap dimensioners,” said Michael Eichenberg, CEO of FreightSnap LLC.

FreightSnap continues to transform the automated dimensioning industry with its pallet and parcel solutions.  Offering unrivaled support, it’s easy to understand why we have become the go-to for many in the logistics industry.  Whatever you are looking for, FreightSnap will leverage their industry experience and extensive technical expertise to bring your ideas to life.


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Michael Eichenberg is the co-founder and CEO of FreightSnap, allowing the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and transportation industries to measure, weigh, photograph and ID pallets and parcels in just seconds. Learn more and share your ideas on Facebook and LinkedIn.