Purchasing technology from a company without a local support team may come with hesitations, but we assure you that with FreightSnap's support and plug-and-play configuration, you'll never need one.

After initial installation and calibration, your Dimensioner unit should require no upkeep. However, as with any technology, your dimensioner may require attention at some point. In that situation, FreightSnap's goal is to get your unit back in action with little to no downtime. To ensure this, we have established support teams in the US and Asia that are ready to remotely diagnose and help you resolve any issues.


Dimensioner units that are shipped out of the country include a supply of extra components such as cables, switches, routers, sensors, and power supplies. Each unit has a plug-and-play setup consisting of static, durable, and easily replaceable components. Due to this simple configuration, every component can be quickly replaced, and units are able to be efficiently repaired in-house to eliminate downtime. FreightSnap can provide videos of how simple it is to replace components on FreightSnap Dimensioner.


Our support teams in the US and Asia have an average initial response time of 30 minutes and provide round-the-clock support to our customers. In the event that a FreightSnap Dimensioner requires service, it can be diagnosed remotely by a FreightSnap support person, who will then resolve the issue or guide you through a simple resolution. Over 90% of issues can be resolved remotely by our support team without any customer interaction.


Once FreightSnap support diagnoses the issue, you will be guided through a simple repair. Most repairs consist of simply unplugging an existing component and replacing it with a new one. Repairs will be made using the spare components shipped with the Dimensioner, so you never have to wait for a new component to arrive. Repairs can easily be made by an IT person or maintenance staff, and no special knowledge or skills are required. If you prefer, Frieghtsnap can coordinate with a third party to schedule a same-day repair.


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