FS Wrap-Mate

Weigh, wrap, and measure from one spot!

Our newest product, the FS Wrap-Mate boosts your productivity by combining two essential activities in one central location. The FS Wrap-Mate is a fully automated pallet dimensioner installed above your shrink wrap machine. It will integrate seamlessly to a scale and provide quick and accurate cubic information while the freight sits motionless on the turntable. The entire process takes less than a second and can be triggered by the wrapper prior to turning or through a remote-control process by the forklift operator.

Measurement Capabilities

The FS Wrap-Mate uses the latest in 3D sensor technology to deliver consistent, accurate measurements in less than a second utilizing FreightSnap’s ground breaking AI. The unit can be integrated with popular back office software to make the entire process effortless to the user.


± 0.5"

Minimum Measurement Size

Length: 12" | Width: 12" | Height: 6"

Maximum Measurement Size

Length: 72" | Width: 72" | Height: 96"

Measurement Time

30 to 60 seconds

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