FreightSnap’s FS 5000 Earns Canada Certification

Already a popular pallet dimensioner in the United States, FreightSnap’s FS 5000 has taken its first steps toward becoming a trusted solution for Canadian companies looking to automate their freight measuring processes. This certification makes the FS 5000 the newest pallet dimensioner to be deemed legal-for-trade by Canada’s regulatory agency, Measurement Canada.

During the week-long certification assessment, the FS 5000 passed a series of tests designed to evaluate the dimensioner’s ability to measure cubic and irregular-shaped freight of different sizes with accuracy, consistency and speed.

By the end of testing, FreightSnap’s pallet dimensioner had achieved the following certification grades:

Certified Accuracy: ±2.0cm

Range 1 Maximum Measurement Size: L: 120cm | W: 120cm | H: 240cm

Range 2 Maximum Measurement Size: L: 180cm | W: 180cm | H: 180cm

Range 3 Maximum Measurement Size: L: 240cm | W: 240cm | H: 180cm

Minimum Measurement Size: L: 30cm | W: 30cm | H: 30cm

Measurement Speed: 2-10 seconds

Source: Measurement Canada

FreightSnap Sees a Bright Future in Canada and Beyond

“We’ve talked with Canadian LTL carriers and shippers about automated dimensioning in the past, and there has always been interest,” said Michael Eichenberg, CEO of FrieghtSnap. “But without a legal-for-trade solution, companies have been understandably hesitant to make the jump. Now, with our certification in hand, we know that our product will bring the value that other businesses are looking for.”

If FreightSnap’s entrance into Canada parallels their emergence in the United States, they have reason to be optimistic. According to Eichenberg, in just three years, FreightSnap has installed 220 plus units in more than 26 states, and 2018 is starting off strong as well with the company reporting a backlog of sales orders already on the books.

As 2017 comes to an end, FreightSnap will also be installing their first units in Thailand and China, with more planned for the Asian, South American, and European markets in 2018.

“We’ve continued to grow by offering reliable and flexible dimensioning products at a better value point than our competitors,” said Eichenberg. “The ability we have to integrate our solutions with customers’ existing back-office systems and warehouse equipment has helped us open doors in the United States and abroad.”

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