FreightSnap Releases New Parcel Flex Dimensioner

The Parcel Industry has changed dramatically in recent years. To keep up with these changes FreightSnap has released the Parcel Flex Dimensioner to help ease some of the pressure for speed and flexibility in ways that can save you time and money.

The Parcel Flex is a box dimensioner, able to measure cubic and irregularly shaped parcels. Ideal for smaller packages, the Parcel Flex can measure packages as small as 2x2x2 inches to as big as 48x24x24 inches. The Parcel Flex can also utilize it’s hight resolution camera to measure postal envelopes or other objects that are smaller than two inches tall.

Plug and Play with your operation. Flex has the ability to integrate with barcode scanners, package scales, and label printers. With easy installation over a conveyor system, workstation, or moving cart the Flex capacity to integrate with your database, back-office system, TMS and WMS.

Dimensioners, such as the Parcel Flex, help shippers from overpaying carriers. Knowing the exact dimensional (DIM) weights of your packages helps you pick the best packaging and so you know exactly what you will pay for it to be shipped. And carriers will be able to accurately charge their customers. Overall dimensioning makes the market more transparent, allowing everyone to trust that they are paying and getting paid correctly.

Having exact DIM weights also helps manage warehouse space more efficiently when integrated with your WMS. If the dimensioner is equipped with cameras, like the Flex, it can help with picking errors and documentation. 

Easy to use, flexible to fit what you need, and customizable to your operations the Parcel Flex Dimensioner will be able to save you time and money.


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