Clear Lane Freight Systems

Clear Lane Freight Systems was founded in 2012 by LTL (less than a truckload) industry veterans Tom Nagel and Ingi Torfason. The goal was to fill a need for economical long-haul LTL service.

Ingi and Tom have the unique experience of having worked in both operations, quality, and sales management for major carriers for decades. Their insight into the industry, skills learned, and relationships built during their careers laid the foundation for Clear Lane.

The LTL industry has evolved rapidly since being deregulated in 1980.  Clear Lane is ushering in new ways of providing LTL services. When Clear Lane started operations in June of 2012, it was the first LTL provider dedicated exclusively to the 3PL industry.  The business model is simple: utilize technology to build a non-asset-based network using available capacity of regional LTL partners for reliable pickup and delivery service.

From a technology standpoint, Clear Lane saw FreightSnap as a great partner to automate their freight dimensioning program and bolt on to their paperless dock initiative. Utilizing handheld devices, Clear Lane operators are able to initiate the process without leaving the forklift and the dimensioner automatically scans the freight, takes a picture, and sends the weight and dimensions directly to the FreightSnap Cloud and cataloged by the Clear Lane Pro# for evaluation by their W&R staff.

“This represents a big step forward for Clear Lane Freight”, according to Michael Eichenberg, CEO of FreightSnap LLC. “With the implementation of this first unit, it will serve as a model for future implementations at other Clear Lane locations.”

FreightSnap continues to transform the automated dimensioning industry with its pallet and parcel solutions.  Offering unrivaled support, it’s easy to understand why we have become the go-to Dimensioning Solution for many in the logistics industry.

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