Tall stacks of multi-colored plastic shipping pallets.

Choose the Best Pallet for Your Business (Infographic)

Billions of goods are shipped every day, and nearly all them are shipped on pallets. Foods, fertilizers, chemicals, car parts, children’s toys, tires — virtually anything you can think of — spends part of its life on top of a pallet. And while some organizations estimate that as much as 90% of all pallets in circulation are still made of wood, just like the first pallets ever built, alternative materials are starting to become more popular. Materials like plastic, aluminum and other metals make excellent pallets depending on your specific needs, desires or concerns when shipping products.

If you’re trying to decide which kind of pallet is best for your business, take a look at the infographic that follows. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of pallet varieties and makers out there, and while we could never capture every factor that goes into choosing the right pallet, this graphic does contains helpful information that aims at making your decision a little easier — or at least more informed.

Pallet Comparison Infographic


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