Catalog Station

Showcase your products with quality images, its weight and dimensions

The best part is you can have all of this in just a few seconds

Catalog Station


The catalog station includes (3) cameras to take pictures of your products from different angles, (2) Display Monitors, and (1) Keyboard, which you'll use with the built-in interface to launch freight scans

Measurement Capabilities

  Length Width Height
Max 48 in 24 in 24 in
Min 2.4 in 2.4 in 2.4 in
Accuracy ± 0.5 in ± 0.5 in ± 0.5 in

Catloging your products has never been this easy

Weights, measures and photographs your products in just a few seconds
Offers two heights to perform a variety of dimensioning tasks
Allows you to change and eliminate the background of your images
Integrates directly with Shopify
Fits perfectly on a table
Performance Characteristics

FS PARCEL Products are high on performance and low on cost, offering powerful measurement capabilities and flexible integration with your back office systems. Not only that, but FS PARCEL Products come equipped with our FS ShipManager software, which allows you shop quotes and print labels from major package handlers like Fedex, UPS, and USPS in just a few clicks. If you’re looking for an all-in-one shipping station, one of our FS PARCEL Products could be the perfect solution.

Measures cubic and irregular shapes


Handles any color package material


Requires special alignment of packages


Captures a photo(s) of freight for documentation


Dimensioning System Triggering Options

Isometric Barcode Scanner


Isometric Laptop used for triggering


Isometric automatic object sensor

Object Sensing

Dimensioning System Equipment Integration Options

Isometric table scale

Table Scales

Isometric Inline Scale

Inline Scales & Systems

Isometric Label Printer

Label Printers

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