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The FS 5000 is a fully-automatic freight and pallet dimensioner, offering NTEP-certified dimensioning at a fraction of the cost of other pallet dimensioners. Manufactured in the United States, the FS 5000 features a sturdy aluminum frame, no moving parts and is designed to hang conveniently from the ceiling in virtually all warehouse and shipping/receiving dock settings. Units can be customized to your process, and software can be integrated with your systems for greater efficiency and flexibility.

When you’re ready to talk dimensioning, start with the pallet dimensioner that’s already trusted by some of today’s top shippers and carriers. Start with the FS 5000 from FreightSnap. Contact us for more information.


The FS 5000 uses the latest in 3D sensor technology to deliver consistent, accurate measurements of cubic and irregular shaped freight. Its ability to handle a wide range of freight sizes make it a popular investment with LTL carriers, shippers, freight forwarders and 3PLs.

Larger, custom measuring solutions also available. Contact us for details.

NTEP-Certified Accuracy


Maximum Measurement Size

Width: 96″ | Height: 96″ | Length: 96″

Minimum Measurement Size

Width: 12″ | Height: 12″ | Length: 12″

Scan Time

3 seconds


Despite its lower price tag, the FS 5000 is built to perform. When compared with pricier pallet dimensioners in its class, the FS 5000 offers the same level of performance and consistency. In addition, the FS 5000 can be integrated with most TMS, WMS and back office software applications, allowing you to use the information you’re collecting to achieve your desired business goals.

Measures cubic and irregular shapes


Handles any color package material


Measures black, transparent and glossy shrink wraps


Captures a photo(s) of freight for documentation


Works in all indoor lighting conditions


Measures protrusions 3 inches and larger



The FS 5000 pallet dimensioner installs easily in most warehouse and shipping settings. In many cases, customers require customization to maximize efficiency and/or incorporate additional equipment, including freight scales, pallet wrappers, conveyor systems, etc. When you’re ready to discuss the available options and determine the kind of setup that will work best for your business, contact us.

FS 5000 pallet dimensioner installed at carrier terminal

Common installation environments

Warehouses, trucking docks, hangars

Space required for installation

10 sq ft

Common installation type

Hung from ceiling using Unistrut or high-strength cable

Suggested ceiling height for installation

13 ft or higher

Electrical requirements

Dedicated 120 volt power source

Common triggering methods

Scan a barcode OR trigger from a web application

Optional floor or forklift scale integration


Option to install over a pallet wrapper


Works in all indoor lighting conditions


Operating temperature

14ºF – 104ºF


FreightSnap offers three options for storing the data collected by your dimensioner. A brief description of each is listed below. For more detailed information, visit our data storage and management options page. You may also contact us at any time with questions.

Private Account on the Shared Cloud

Send your data to a private account on our shared cloud. Storage is hosted and managed by FreightSnap.

Private Cloud

Send your data to a private cloud exclusive to your business. Storage is hosted and managed by FreightSnap.

Client Server

Send your data directly to your company’s servers.


FreightSnap has developed two convenient methods for initiating scans from your dimensioner. Choose the option that works best for your workflow.


Recommended for companies who don’t use barcode scanners to keep tabs on their freight. Here’s how it works:

Simply enter a freight ID number into the app, then tap the “Scan” button. Your dimensioner will automatically scan your freight, sending the measurements, photos and weight of your shipment straight into your desired back-office system – all in a few seconds.

The triggering app comes pre-installed on mobile device or computer, either of which can be placed at a workstation near the dimensioner, or installed on each forklift in your operation.


Use a barcode scanner to trigger your dimensioner. Here’s how it works:

Place your freight in the measurement zone, then scan a barcode tied to your freight. Seconds later, and your dimensioner sends the measurements, photos and the weight of your shipment straight into your desired back-office system.

Outfit each forklift with it’s own barcode scanner, or place a scanner at a nearby workstation to maximize throughput.


Still have questions? Call (913)-213-5662, read the FS 5000 FAQ section, view warranty details or send us a message. You can also request a quote here.