How do I trigger the FS 5000 dimensioner to start scanning a pallet?

The FS 5000 can be initiated by scanning a barcode assigned to your freight, or by manually typing in the appropriate Shipping ID Number or Pro Number. The triggering option you select should be based on what is best for your process and operation.

I would like to integrate a scale with the FS 5000 pallet dimensioner. How does that work?

The FS 5000 dimensioner can integrate with most floor and forklift scales, allowing you to capture the dimensions and weight of your freight at the same time. When incorporated with a scale, the FS 5000 will also automatically calculate density and cube.

To see if your current scale is compatible our dimensioner, or for a recommendation regarding the purchase of a new scale to pair with your dimensioner, contact us or call 913-213-5662.

Can the FS 5000 measure freight and pallets wrapped in colored shrink wraps or other packing materials?

Yes. The FS 5000 dimensioner can handle freight wrapped in any material or color, including black and transparent shrink wraps.

Does the FS 5000 dimensioner create a record of my freight that I can view later?

Yes. Each time your dimensioner measures a pallet, it also takes one (or more) photos of your freight. The dimensions and photo(s) are then automatically stored according to your standards and can be accessed at any time. FreightSnap also offers a web-based portal, which can be used to view individual shipments, or analyze the data collected on all your shipments over the course of time.

How do I share freight images and dimensions captured by my dimensioner with others in my supply chain?

When filing damage claims or requesting shipping quotes, it may be helpful for you to share dimensional data and/or a photo of your freight with the carriers, shippers, forwarders or 3PLs you work with. For this reason, FreightSnap allows you to generate a “Freight Report Document” for any shipment, which can then be emailed or faxed to the appropriate company or contact.

Is Internet connection required for the FS 5000?

You do not have to be connected to the Internet to use the FS 5000. We can connect the dimensioner via LAN connection and send your captured freight data directly to your internal servers. Or, you can use the FS 5000 to see dimensions and freight photos in real-time without storing any information.

How does network integration work with the FS 5000?

Standard WAN installs: Each time freight is scanned, a file containing  a freight image, freight dimensions and a time stamp is created. This file gets automatically transferred via FTP to our cloud servers where it is parsed and added to your web-based portal. The image is then automatically saved to your long-term storage on our servers. Whenever you want to access the dimensions or image, data will be pulled from our web-based API directly to your application or cloud-based service.

Standard LAN installs: FreightSnap also offers you the option to send freight images and dimensions via FTP to a local server on your network. This allows you to parse the image name and save your freight data directly to your local, back-office applications.

The cost for implementing either of these solutions is $125 per hour. A typical integration will take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours.

How long does it take to install the FS 5000 dimensioner?

Each unit takes approximately one full work day (8hrs) to install and calibrate. Custom installs can take longer due to tall ceilings, implementation of custom triggering options, integration of other warehouse equipment, or integration with software such as WMS or TMS systems.

What technical requirements must be addressed before an install can take place?

Each FS 5000 unit will need a dedicated 120V AC power outlet, and an active WAN or LAN connection. Network connections can be achieved through a wireless connection or a wired CAT 5 cable connection. For more detailed installation requirements, contact us, or talk to your sales representative.

Are there any lighting requirements when choosing an install location for the FS 5000 pallet dimensioner?

In general, fluorescent light within 3′ of the unit’s top should be avoided. Direct sunlight spilling over the measurement zone under the dimensioner can also affect the accuracy of measurements. If possible, avoid placing the dimensioner close to dock or loading bay doors.

How do I contact FreightSnap for maintenance or troubleshooting?

Providing physical maintenance on our dimensioners is rare as our units hang from the ceiling away from floor traffic and most dust/debris.

However, should your dimensioner ever stop working, please email our helpdesk at support@freightsnap.com. Ninety percent of issues you may encounter can be solved remotely by our team of online technicians. If on-site maintenance is required, we will work with you to coordinate a time for one of our technicians to visit your location and bring your dimensioner back into operation.

Does the FS 5000 come with a warranty?

Yes. You can view the FS 5000’s Limited Hardware Warranty here.