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3 Hallmarks of a Successful Dimensioning Program

How you implement a dimensioning program can determine the level of efficiency your program ultimately achieves. Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of companies invest in dimensioning technologies, and truth be told, some have been more successful than others. Why? Most of it can be boiled down to three simple, but crucial things each of these companies did before they …


Where to Install Your Pallet Dimensioner for Maximum Efficiency

Where you install your freight dimensioner can have a big impact on the efficiency of your operation. The following graphic lays out some basic rules regarding install location, which can help you get the most out of your automatic dimensioner. Download the PDF version to keep a copy for yourself, or share the graphic with a friend.


FreightSnap’s FS 5000 and FS Parcel Now Integrate to CargoWise

FreightSnap’s popular FS 5000 pallet dimensioner and FS Parcel small package dimensioner are now compatible with CarogWise One – one of the industry’s leading single-platform supply chain management tools. According to Michael Eichenberg, CEO of FreightSnap, this new integration makes their dimensioners a common-sense solution for freight forwarders and other enterprises looking to supplement their CargoWise systems with certified measurements. …

FS 5000 Pallet Dimensioner NTEP and Measurement Canada Certified

FreightSnap’s FS 5000 Earns Canada Certification

Already a popular pallet dimensioner in the United States, FreightSnap’s FS 5000 has taken its first steps toward becoming a trusted solution for Canadian companies looking to automate their freight measuring processes. This certification makes the FS 5000 the newest pallet dimensioner to be deemed legal-for-trade by Canada’s regulatory agency, Measurement Canada. During the week-long certification assessment, the FS 5000 …


Pallet Dimensioning – A Way Forward for Freight Forwarders

Shipping internationally can be a headache even for experienced shippers, which is why freight forwarders have become such an important part of the modern supply chain. From storing customers’ freight and verifying shipment details to ensuring that the appropriate customs, insurance and shipping documentation has been provided, a lot of work goes into getting freight from point A to point …

FS_5000_Dimensioner_In_Warehouse copy

Do I Need a Pallet Dimensioner? Four Questions to Ask

Until the last few years, domestic less-than-truckload carriers determined freight rates using classification guidelines put in place during the early 20th century when railroads were the primary method for transporting goods. By many accounts, this class-based system was – and still is – confusing for shippers, complicated for carriers to manage, and costly to implement. As time has gone on, …

Distribution center with an organized shelves

How to Improve Your Warehouse Slotting System

In a warehouse or distribution center, slotting refers to the storage and organization of goods in a manner that maximizes storage space and improves the efficiency of picking and pulling operations. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually something we all do every day, whether we know it or not. Consider your pantry as an example. The bread, cereal and …

FS 5000 pallet dimensioner installed at freight forwarder warehouse

What Is A Dimensioner, And How Does It Impact Shippers? What You Should Know

If you’ve heard the term “dimensioner,” “dimensionalizer” or “pallet dimensioner” tossed around with increasing frequency in the last few years, you’re not alone. These terms and others have been used interchangeably to talk about the equipment that’s being used to reshape the LTL industry in the United States. But what is a dimensioner exactly? According to Wiktionary, a dimensioner is …