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We build products that help shippers, carriers, freight brokers and third-party logistics providers easily collect, store and analyze freight data. With more access to data, they get more insight into their processes and find more ways to save money while shipping and carrying goods.

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FreightSnap offers an exciting line of NTEP certified dimensioning products that snap easily into your existing processes. Our solutions for businesses of all sizes let you quickly collect freight information and share it with the partners or clients in your supply chain.
Not only that, but each of our products can be tied to the FreightSnap Cloud for unlimited storage, or to your internal data management systems. From there, the FreightSnap Portal lets you analyze and sort your freight data in meaningful ways – something every business is looking for.

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Why FreightSnap?

Simply put, we place a premium on delivering insightful data analytics and reliable dimensioning products that don’t break the bank. We’re known for offering the industry’s most affordable dimensioning solutions, and for delivering the freight data that our customers need to improve the ways they operate.
When you choose FreightSnap for your business, you’ll start finding ways to save money and make a return on your investment right away.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

FreightSnap Emerged As The Best Choice
“After careful analysis of all of our options, and comprehensive side-by-side testing of the different dimensioners in our terminals, FreightSnap emerged as the best choice to support Estes’ high-volume LTL terminals throughout the U.S.”
FreightSnap Offered More Mobility
“We thought dimensioning would provide value to our customers, and we were thorough in our testing of products available. We found that other companies have great dimensioning products but not the mobility of FreightSnap, and other products cost as much as $80,000 to $100,000 upfront.”

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